Horeini: Jewish Connection & Learning

Connecting Jewish Women through tutoring, classes, holiday gatherings and events.

Looking to learn more about Judaism and connect with other like-minded women? Look no further!

At Horeini, we offer classes on all topics of judaism from the basic to advanced. Our Holiday gatherings bring our network together for an inspirational and enriching experience. Horeini is directed by Rebbetzin Naama Lerman under the Rabbinical Guidance of Rabbi Chaim Mintz.

Our Services


Our tutors provide one-on-one instruction, teaching Hebrew and Jewish Heritage basics.

Shabbos Placement

We have many wonderful families eager to share their Shabbos experience with those less affiliated. Contact Bluma Nussbaum at 212.613.8118, 917.945.0385 or horeini@yeshivanet.com

Holiday Gatherings

Experience the full flavor of Jewish holidays at our Yom Tov gatherings with enriching & entertaining programs.

Our Classes

Listen to a sample or browse through our topics.

Summer & Spirituality

Rav Baruch Rabinowitz

Tisha B'av in black & white

Rav Baruch Rabinowitz

An introspective response to 9/11

Rav Baruch Rabinowitz

Our Affiliates

Oorah, which means "Awaken," was founded with the goal of awakening Jewish children and their families to their heritage. We enable children to enroll in Jewish day schools or yeshivos, where they receive a full religious and secular education.

KirbyCard. It’s one of the best calling cards on the market, but it’s got a value far beyond money. Kirby is part of Oorah’s own Cucumber Communications, and every penny of profit from this enterprise helps pay for a child’s Jewish education.

Kars-4-Kids. If you have a car you can’t get rid of -- it’s not worth reselling, the junk yard won’t buy it -- donate it to Oorah’s sister charity Kars4Kids. We’ll pick up the car, you get the tax deduction, and Oorah gets a source of income to help provide a child with a Jewish education.

Cucumber Communications. Here’s a unique opportunity to save money on long distance service while providing essential funding for Oorah’s activities. Every penny of profit helps provide for a child’s Jewish education.

Our History

In 1995, Rabbi Chaim Mintz and Mrs. Naama Lerman established Horeini Torah Center for Jewish Women to answer a growing need in the Jewish community. Today, Horeini is fulfilling this mission with a wide array of courses, all taught by dynamic, top-notch teachers. Horeini is a “second family” to many women. Here they find new friends who are interested, as they are, in spiritual growth. They find teachers and advisors who take a personal interest in their lives, offering good advice and practical help wherever it’s needed.

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